Sunday, March 28, 2010


Check out ArtGlitter with Martha Stewart. She has some great ideas for our artglitter, glass glitter and diamond dust we don't tend to reach for in our projects very often. I especially love the bird cards with the wonderful banner. The banner templates can be downloaded for printing.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Scrapbook Pages/Cloth Frame

I cut out some denim cloth I kept from an old children's dress, cut out the opening on three sides, rolled it back and tied it off with ribbon. My friend I was scrappin' with had the perfect denim paper for the opposite side. When I got home I put my sewing machine to work. I love texture so the sewed edges, rose corners and real dried leaf (below) make me happy!!

In November I posted a lay-out with these same pictures. I know I'm a bit crazy with trying to be "fair" with my I did another lay-out for my other daughter's book. I'm trying to get to the point where most of their pictures will be in our family album except for the personal things they do seperately. I keep telling myself that will be more likely when they are in school full time which is this school year. But now I am 2yrs behind with working on two seperate books. Whew!! I need to speed up. I will go months without scrappin' to do other projects.