Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Clay Faux Seals

I love making different textures with objects I just happen to find. Then to see the delightful image and texture in creates within the clay. The small plastic bottle cap pressed into the ball of clay gives the deep impression ready for an object. This bottle cap happened to have a circle of bumps. The impression encircles the brad. The knob makes texture around the outside of the seal.

They are baked without the brad. Makin's Clay is a bit easier to work with in making these seals as it is air dry clay and stays a bit flexible even when cured.

The flowers with the brads were sold on My Etsy

Monday, May 3, 2010

Clay Faux Seals/Embellishments

This seal is for sale on my Etsy. SOLD

This one has a softer touch as I used different paint and finish.

I took an imprint of a rose from the corner of a picture frame to create these seals.

And embellished this homemade envelope with coordinating rose paper and colors. The envelope holds 4x6 pictures for my friend's rose-themed scrapbook. We usually have pictures we want to keep but they don't necessarily have to be on a lay-out, that is why I designed this idea a couple years ago. I love to have pretty envelopes or mini-books as part of my lay-outs.