Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ways to use Your Faux Seals

 There are so many Fun Ways to use your Faux Seals.

 Below is a snowflake metal button inside a clay seal. I used UTEE and ink after baking the clay to compliment the button.

Use them in Scrapbooking and Cards!

Here is a portion of a scrapbook page with a starfish clay seal as part of the sea embellishments along inked cheesecloth.

Use them on envelopes! Above the brad holds the clay seal onto the flower and envelope.
Below, the seal helps hold the matchbook flap closed...this minibook holds wallet size pictures on a scrapbook page.

Or use them on all your favorite Papercrafts, Homemade Boxes or Altered Projects!

                                See My Etsy for several designs clay seals ready for your projects.

Here is a picture of my latest batch after the baking process. They are ready to add back in the brad or button then paint, foil or ink.

Happy Crafting!! 
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Holiday Art Blessing Givaway

I just received a beautiful gift in the mail last week from Lani and her blog giveaway at Healing Expressions
Included inside this beautiful butterfly box was a print of one of her original designs on a card (below).  The round pocket mirror (below) also looks like one of her creations but I'm not certain...I'll have to ask her about that.

You can find her inspirational artwork and gifts on her Etsy...gorgeous pieces....and now showcased at Camas Antiques Washington state.