Thursday, September 27, 2007

Textured Gift Box

This was a fun project. This is an 8x8 cardboard box, or at least it was!! It's now textured, painted gift box for a 6x6 minibook. I used gesso for the bottom but for the sides and top of the cover I used plaster. Plaster was fun to work with in last project, the matte for a frame, posted in Aug., that I thought I would use it again. This time I stamped into it while tacky. After it dried, I painted it then after drying, I dragged a stamp pad across it to accentuate the raised designs. I love that is looks like metal. The top is textured with a sheet of drywall sand paper also pressed into the wet plaster. I then painted a piece of this material to be the background of the stencil which is the last name of the family this gift is for. Inside the stencil is sand covered with a high gloss thick sealer. The box coordinates with the minibook which is all about our shared family vacations from the last two summers.


Susan Tuttle said...

What a cool box! I love the details on the lid's edge--brilliant idea with the plaster!!

I had such a great morning with you!


Healing Expressions said...

HI Lisa..Thank you so much for your sweet words on my blog! This box is just delightful. The edging is so beautiful! Creative blessings!