Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scrapbook pages/Glass-Like Tags

So I finally used the epoxy "glass-like" tags I made a long time ago. I was waiting for the perfect pictures and I finally found them. I went to a CM crop and was able to finish 8 pages in two evenings and part of one day. Not bad since I sometimes get a little crazy about details! I did a little paper tearing and curling, sewing and used some wire on these pages. This is my favorite lay-out of the crop. (check my labels for "tags glass" for the "how to make the tags")
I have some dried pressed flowers on order so I can make more tags. I didn't have any of my own this year. I'll leave the link to the great on-line shop I found when I post them.
I'm working on some Christmas toppers to glass jars for my mother-in-law. I hope to post those before Thanksgiving. They are pretty cute, but I love minitures anyway.

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Lynn said...

Love the layouts! Those glass tags are beautiful! Can't wait to see the Christmas toppers. ~Hugs and Happiness, Lynn