Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Altered Picture Matte

I bought a lovely frame with a 14X30 matte. The problem, the matte. You can't find this size matte with 8X8 openings. This matte had 8X10 openings. I thought, no problem, I'll alter it or just purchase another matte. Well, I decided to just purchase a matte, but a double matte is around $70. "Well then, I'll just dive into this challenge". I almost gave up a couple times. I was afraid of it looking cheesy. Well, about 3 weeks later, (2 children at home and a vacation)this is the finished design. And I really like it. Now the next step will be if it looks OK in the frame with the 3 pictures of my 2 lovely girls.

I took one inch scrap pieces of matte board for the top and bottom of each opening. To hide the "piecing together" I started using gesso but it just wasn't thick enough. But my husband's sheetrock plaster was. I finished off with the gesso and kept some texture. I also used the gesso to lessen the depth of the 1/4 side of each opening from the original double matte inside edge. I mixed up some colors of paint until I got the green I wanted. Then I sponged a very pale color on top of that then finished with gold ink pad to blend. To hide the depth inconsistencies of the sides I used 1/4 ribbon and finished with these great metal corners I found. I used colors that would compliment the frame and the room it will be in. Sure, buying a matte would have been easier but the challenge is what it's all about.

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Susan Tuttle said...

Aren't you clever!!! They look great!

Miss you all!