Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Altered Metal Picnic Basket

This metal picnic basket belonged to my parents and we used it as a family. It had been in my father's garage for many years, as were the jars posted in June. One of the wooden handles were broken off completely. I pondered the idea of keeping one handle but it wasn't the "new" look I wanted. So I removed it and added faux round pulls on the front. I really wanted to keep the metal orginal look so after the rust primmer and paint I put on designs with UTEE, ink, metallic paints, sheet metal and metal strips. For the feel for the seasons I wanted, each side has it's own theme. ( To see full view of any side, just click on "view show", then click on any picture during the slide show). The sides have metal running down the center to seperate the front from the back. The top is copper UTEE with stamped designs and a homemade clay piece. Just another way to hold onto my childhood and the "stuff" that cannot seem to be thrown away.


Susan Tuttle said...

What a great slideshow you made of this! I am such a lucky duck, as I got to see it in person.


The Family Jewels said...

That is so cool! I have been going to a lot of estate sales and have been picking up new treasures to use in my art...I looked at a metal picnic basket similar to I wish I had gotten it.
Great job! ~Tonia