Sunday, October 14, 2007

Baloo,My Chocolate Pup

My chocolate lab will always be in my heart. We lost him last spring before his eighth birthday. It has been a one and one half years but we still miss him. This keepsake is very rustic and compliments his beautiful color. It's made out of a cork placemat with a hard laminate top. I just used gesso and had a nice new "canvas" to work with. I then blended the autumn acrylic colors until I liked the outcome, inked the whole top with copper and sprayed it with a matte acrylic sealer. The 5 rectangles are painted chipboard. I used wire, beads, utee, metal strips and letters. Hanging from the left bottom is his tag hanging by a small piece of cedar bark. The whole board itself is hanging from a piece of cedar bark that was dried and flattened. I have since then made another one for my best friend with a picture her black lab. Very fun to make!!!

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Jill said...

Oh my! What a beautiful Baloo! What a wonderful tribute to him. I understand how your heart hurts... nothing like the love of a furry friend! Bless you!