Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Paper Mache Box

This paper mache box is my mom's birthday present. Since it's before Christmas, I decorated it for her Christmas home decor. Inside are these treasures to decorate her bedroom and a special Promise book. For the box, I used paper, acrylic paint, stamping, a high gloss spray for a finish. For the holly leaves, I found a jar of Twinklets Diamond Dust. It gives an extra sparkle for the holidays.

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Lynn said...

This so gorgeous! It looks like something you would see in fancy house magazine as their room decor! Any mom would jut love it. You have great flair Lisa! We are suppose to get some real snow today, 2-6 inches they said last night. I haven't watched the weather yet this morning, going to run into town and grab some groceries really quick and pick up a few movies. It looks like the east isn't going to get a break from the snow!