Monday, December 3, 2007

Postcard Art Cards

1914,1915, and 1916 postcards. I wanted to do more with my collection. Inspired by some clipart, I decided to display these great cards without altering them at all. Each card is slipped into a page protector so the cards are removable. On the front of each protector is a leaf sprayed with a glaze. Included are some hydrangea flowers and stamps also sprayed with glaze. In August I posted a 1909 postcard that I had altered. That one is my favorite.


Charmingdesigns said...

I LOVE these!! I was just looking at some of my postcards...I will have to give this a try. I dont like distroying these beautiful old cards so I love what you have done!!

Susan Tuttle said...

These are beauties Lisa!!! What kind of a glaze did you use?


Lynn said...

What a fabulous project! I love what you have done with the postcards. What great little pieces of art. I have added your link to my site, I have been meaning to do it for a week now! You are welcome to add my link yours. We are supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow tonight..brrr!