Saturday, June 7, 2008

Minibook with Quotes

This is another fun "glass" project I did when I made the "glass" tags. I painted, stamped and placed a flattened, dried flower on top of a round piece of chipboard. (Actually a coaster). Then finished it with the liquid epoxy. While it was still sticky, I pressed the center of the daisy flowers in. The center is gold microbeads and a mini shell.

With ribbon, 6 pages are connected together attached to the chipboard backing. I was able to include 17 quotes with a few Bible verses. Have fun if you decide to make one.


Ginger said...

I been looking at your mini books ,in each thing you make i see your sweet thoughts and heart felt love.It's all fresh clean bright. You try new ideas so it's not boring love them all.I had so much fun on you blog looking, it's like a child new to the fair.Wanting to try it all.
Out standing work my friend!
I can't wait to be back !
You love quotes to like me it sparts ideas for your art.

Lynn said...

I love your minibook! It's so beautiful and so inspiring with the Bible verses!