Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crop Out Diabetes Challenges

I'm adding some finished projects for this week's Crop Out Diabetes.
PaperPretties challenge was to create a card for a child. Since Isabella's birthday is Sat. her little sister and I made this for her. She loves horses and her favorite movie is "Spirit". This UTEE'd stencil is running as though he is as free as Spirit is. She will love this card! SweetandSassy has a challenge for a movie theme. I think this may meet the needs of that challenge too!!

This was a great challenge with Mommyfink as we were to make something for Valentine's day that did not include candy. Yay Mommyfink!! This includes glowsticks, skateboard eraser,fuzzy pencil grip, bubbles, "mermaid" bracelet(it's filled with moving glitter) stickers and a tatoo. A couple of these items came from our 3rd grade store. The $ goes to their field trip fund.

This wonderful challenge was with Alecia. We were to alter something which symbolizes the life altering challenges living with Diabetes. Isabellas has been collecting these little vials that her test strips come in. So yesterday, our snowday, we finally used 4 of them to create dollhouse furniture. This first one matches the wallpaper in the bedroom.

We added stuffing under the material on the top for a seat, soo cute.

And my 7yr old wanted to have one for her "squinky". We layered green paper which was cut to look like layers of grass. She then added colored glitter glue to the inside so her squinky would have a soft carpet :)
Great imaginations!!

This is for the spring challenge with Martha .I made this just a couple weeks ago so it is also included in my snowflake post below. It's my favorite spring item right now. This is to be used instead of a card as it is sweet when it embellishes a gift.


mommyfink said...

Oh I love it. I am doing altered test strip containers for a make n' take at the live crop on Saturday. (I have to get my rear in gear and cut up the paper for it LOL) I love the doll house furniture idea too!!!!

Thanks for participating in the 2011 Crop out Diabetes Blog hop!!!!!!

The Scrappy Cottage said...

How creative, made for cute doll furniture......

Delia Cruz said...

Awesome projects, love them all!!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Lisa, you sure have been a busy crafter! Love the upcycled strip containers. I used to do the same thing with film canisters (back before digital came along). I would use fabric to turn them into little tables and then decorate the top with miniatures.

My hubby actually likes most of the vegetarians dishes I make. My oldest son will give things a try but my 12 year old wants nothing to do with any of it. :/ Can't please everyone.

Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

sleeplesswonder said...

I love the furniture so cute.
Melissa D

mommyfink said...

Hi Lisa! Congratulations! You won the goody bag challenge on my blog during the Hop for a Cure blog hop.


Thank you for participating in the hop!!!

Anonymous said...

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